LCCC online

The following adjustments have been made to the website and associated items:

  1. An unused email address (leithcentral@gmail) has been deleted. This email address was set up when (or maybe before) the website was created and has been a source of confusion. The only email address for LCCC is now (Work is in progress to create separate email addresses for chair, secretary, treasurer, etc.)
  2. The primary administrator for the website was ‘Leith Central’. This was fine when only one person was administrator but if there is more than one, it should be clear who has done what. So the primary administrator is now ‘Charlotte Encombe’ and the secondary administrator is ‘Bruce Ryan’.
  3. Tags used to categorise posts have been rationalised. There were over 30 tags, some of which were duplicates of others, at least in meaning, while others were incomprehensible. Tags have now been applied to posts as far back as June 2013.
  4. Previously we’d enabled auto-emailing of posts. That is, as soon as a post is made, the website emails a link to all 15 subscribers. We’ve now worked out how to make the website tweet links to all 190 twitter followers, thus publicising LCCC’s work far better.
  5. On the meeting papers page, bullet lists summarising the contents of all minutes in 2013 are now present.

We like to think this will make the website more useful and more used by others. Please forward links, auto-tweets and auto-emails and help spread the word!