Community Grants Available, Why Not Apply?

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The Leith Funding Panel have £5,813 to allocate at their next meeting on 18 November 2013.  This money can be used to make improvement to the local area and to encourage community activity.   The box below gives more detail of the kind of thing that this money can be used for:

 3. What kind of things will the Neighbourhood Partnership Community Grants Fund pay for? 

Applications for locally targeted, one-off activities aimed at improving and encouraging community activity in the area are encouraged.  The kinds of things that the fund will support could include:


  • Start up grants for new groups
  • Buying a piece of equipment for your group (grants up to £1,000)
  • Improving or developing your community group’s activities
  • Raising awareness of your group’s activities
  • Recruiting new volunteers/members to your group
  • Finding out about needs in your community
  • Small scale projects that enhance quality of life and complement other improvements in the area
  • Supporting projects which progress the aims of the Neighbourhood Plan

Some examples of projects which could be funded include: consulting the local community on their priorities for improving facilities in the partnership area, providing activities for young people to encourage them to move away from being involved in anti-social behaviour and community events.


If you are not sure whether your project is eligible please come to the next Community Council meeting on the 23rd of September to discuss it or give Loraine Duckworth a call on 0131 529 6194 or  07739188437.

If you wish to apply for a community grant of up to £3,000, applications must be submitted no later than 18 October 2013.  See the link below.

To see the Guidlines  and Standards and Conditions of the Community Grants as well as an application form please go to


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