LCCC October 2020 meeting agenda

Please note that this is an online ‘business’ (members-only) meeting, mostly discussing how LCCC will conduct its affairs online, in particular its annual general meeting.

  1. Welcome, introductions, attendance, apologies
  2. Approval of minutes of business meeting 21 September 2020
  3. to agree:​ LCCC to hold an AGM on 16 November 2020 using the following format, agenda and rules of engagement and currently online only:
    1. AGM Format:
      1. While the online platform will be decided by the Communications Group, (taking into account the rules of engagement below, as well as the need to accommodate users of Council hardware and members of the public), members need to agree a budget of a maximum of £570 towards this
      2. Using the chosen platform, a prior technical and logistical test needs to be carried out as a dress rehearsal
      3. the maximum length of an online meeting should not exceed 60 minutes
      4. The Chair will obtain proper dispensation from the Standing Orders (see SCHEME FOR COMMUNITY COUNCILS​) for the AGM that is less ambiguous than the current ‘We can now endorse holding AGMs using virtual means’ (CEC 13-08-20)
    2. AGM Agenda:
      1. Recording of membership present and apologies received
      2. to agree: ​minutes of the last annual general meeting of LCCC.
      3. to note: Chairperson & Secretary’s & Engagement Officer’s annual report (and questions from the floor).
      4. to agree: ​Treasurer’s submission of balance sheet and annual accounts duly independently examined and certified correct (and questions from the floor).
      5. Demit of current office bearers/election of office bearers.
      6. to agree: ​Dates, times and venue of future ordinary meetings
      7. to note: Date of next annual general meeting
    3. AGM rules of engagement
      1. Prior identification of anyone who wants to speak (no aliases)
      2. Roll call of LCCC for any votes taken
      3. The Chair will identify and appoint (neutral) facilitator/s of the above, including definition of their roles and responsibilities.
  4. to note: ​until the AGM or the next properly constituted LCCC meeting, whichever comes first, office bearers will continue to act and communicate on behalf of LCCC under previously delegated powers with any decisions taken on behalf of LCCC to be reported and ratified at a subsequent properly constituted meeting.
  5. Reports from office bearers and sub-committee convenors.
  6. AOCB
  7. Next Meeting:​ 16 November 2020 (AGM)