Pilmeny Development Project: alternative service provision during COVID-19

Pilmeny Development Project (PDP) is offering a range of alternative service provision during COVID-19 for local people. Its referral form is here as Word document(YP and Family Support) and a PDF.

Older People and Carers

  • PDP Risk Register: has been developed to indentify and prioritise older people and/or carers who may need increased levels of support
  • Telephone Befriending/contact – Regular weekly ‘Social Contact’ calls (to address social isolation and loneliness) or more often, as needed.
  • Volunteers: Recruited from within PDP & Leith Timebank to assist with practical tasks, e.g. shopping, collection of prescriptions etc
  • Provision of regular Newsletter (articles on safety and health issues, crossword, home based activity ideas, handy tips) which is posted out to older people. Many of our older folk in Leith don’t have smart phones and are not online so it is really hard for them to get information or feel in touch.
  • Partnership working: liaise with potential key partners/agencies to help with any queries or concerns raised by older people, carers or families in the course of our work.
  • Development of information and additional support: as identified by older people needs.

Children, Young People and Families

  • PDP Risk Register: Data base has been developed for young people and families
  • Telephone Contact: Regular, weekly social contact with all individual group members.Additional and more frequent calls for higher risk young people, where required.
  • ‘Virtual’ Youth clubs: Activities to do at home, Health & Wellbeing (exercise, eating, dealingwith depression), youth issues and concerns
  • Alternative plans for our ‘Virtual’ Easter holiday Playscheme developed.
  • Volunteers – to provide practical help or support with basic tasks
  • Partnership working: Liaison with potential key partners and agencies to help with anyqueries or concerns raised by young people or their families.
  • Schools Work: Regular contact between PDP and Leith Primary School, 1-1 session withpupils via Zoom. Phone calls to parents that we currently support made on a weekly basis. The young people we are currently supporting have been invited to take part in virtual youth work sessions and activity packs are delivered by hand or sent out by post.

Please note – we have a new contact number as we are working remotely – 07375 918524. We can send out referral forms, in case you know of any older folk, volunteers, children, young people or families in NE Locality you think we could support or just get in touch! Stay Safe


Anne Munro
Pilmeny Development Project
19-21 Buchanan Street
Leith, Edinburgh EH6 8SQ
PDP Mob: 07375 918524
Email: annemunro@btconnect.com www.pilmenydevelopmentproject.co.uk