Coronavirus and Leith Central

There’s not much we can add to government advice and rulings, but we want to reiterate;

  1. Stay at home. Protect the NHS.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Ensure your news is from a trusted source.

Leith, Bonnington, Broughton and Hillside are very densely built up areas which means we need to take particular care and heed the advice. If you’re confused about the fast moving rules, please check out either of these definitive websites (and only them!);

We applaud the dozens of community groups popping up in the area in response to COVID-19, from street-wide WhatsApps to larger community networks.

Here are a few which are working in our area;

Please remain safe and vigilant when helping, particularly of people’s information and personal safety. Leith Central Community Council are not in a position to formally endorse any one group, and encourage individuals to protect themselves and each other

Leith Central area-specific

North East Edinburgh area-specific


We’ll post more groups as we get them.

Last updated by J. Caldwell, 18:45 24th March 2020 on behalf of the LCCC communications group. Information may change.

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