Forget about Brexit. This is important.


What is more important than Brexit? Tenements!

Arguably, tenements are the most successful form of urban living around the world. Our area* – the most densely populated in Scotland (census 2011) – is more or less defined by strong lines of tenements along our residential and shopping streets. Where these tenements are arranged around a “back green” they also provide much needed breathing space in a busy city. A lot of tenements in our area are more than 100 years old. Most residents in our area live in a tenement.

For a variety of reasons (latterly, including AirBnB), it is sometimes difficult to manage a tenement and even more problematic to maintain them collectively. This has also been recognised elsewhere as an issue and since March 2018, a Scottish Parliamentary Working Group has been meeting with the purpose of establishing solutions to aid, assist and, where necessary, to compel owners of tenement properties to maintain their buildings.

Leith Central Community Council (LCCC) is pleased to have Euan Leitch, Director of Built Environment Forum Scotland, at our monthly public meeting on 18 November at McDonald Road Library to provide an update on the final recommendations of the working group and upcoming (legislative) developments. His talk is titled Tenements: strengthening the repair & maintenance culture through legislation and will be followed by a Q&A.

* roughly between Easter Rd, London Road, Leith Walk, McDonald Rd, Ferry Road and the Foot of Leith Walk

18 November 2019 7pm McDonald Road Library – all welcome