Care shelter: September 2019 to May 2020

The Bethany Christian Trust arranges a free night shelter offering food and sleeping facilities to people who are homeless

It will be at Meadowbank Church from 23 September–17 October, due to delays in planning permission. BCT is currently uncertain of when the Care Shelter will return to Diadem so please keep an eye out for future posters.

Transport will be provided to the Care Shelter in the evenings from the bus stop going out of town on the Western Approach Road at the Lothian Road end. There will be three pick- ups (unless the Care Shelter is already full):

  • 9pm
  • 9.30pm
  • 11pm (no food will be available at this time)

Please note: there will be no minibus runs back to the city-centre in the mornings whilst at Meadowbank Church.

Evening meals will be provided by local churches from 9.30-10.30pm.

Breakfast is available at 6.30am and people using the service must leave by 7am. Staff members will be on duty each night.