Dalmeny Street Park Community update

As there hasn’t been an active ‘Friends of’ group for a few years, people are coming from across the area and are working with Edinburgh Council and service partners such as Edinburgh Police North Eastto improve Dalmeny Street Park and plan out the future. Below wording is based on their April 2019 newsletter;

Survey results
Firstly, very many thanks to all who took part in the recent survey that was carried out both online, at the park itself and Restalrig church. Responses have shown that a cleaner park, dog issues, and anti-social behaviours were all key matters. We shall be sharing these findings in early May.

These have been discussed with the Edinburgh Parks Team, who as you will appreciate have a very limited budget to cover the parks across the whole of the area. So, based on what is required to bring the park up to an acceptable level for all users of the facilities available we, that is the community, must produce a development plan so that phased works can be carried out.

We obviously cannot rely on the City of Edinburgh Council to fund everything that we would like to have so based on the questions that were in the survey and order of priority given by the community, we can break the list down to what we can help with as a community and larger projects that the council can do if and when funds become available.

Cleanliness of park
Ade carries out a litter pick of the area every Friday afternoon weather permitting, there is always room for VOLUNTEERS.

Dogs fouling
The Environmental Wardens are going to be monitoring the area to ensure mess is cleared up by owners. It has been mentioned that some dogs are not always being watched by owners, so it was suggested that for the summer months we trial the removal of gates at entrances.

Rubbish bins
The City of Edinburgh Council have placed 2 brand new bins at the entrance to park much larger than previous ones.

The existing benches are painted black however we can paint them any colour we wish so long as it is all weather paint. If we want extra benches it was suggested, that we try for the picnic style which could encourage people to have a picnic without fear of dogs trampling over their food.

The banking at the IONA street end of the green space could be planted with flowers, the new park logo could be the centre piece, project for local school?

This was obviously very near the top of list however it is also the most expensive, it was suggested that we try to source eco-friendly, (solar power) and apply for funding through other sources. Local Police felt that lights may encourage more people to loiter around the area however it may also encourage more dog walkers, or walkers in the evening.

These are just a few of the many ideas/ suggestions that have been under discussion on how to improve Dalmeny Street Community Park for use by all not just a few. If you have a few hours to spare or wish to become involved in any way, please contact us via the Facebook Group ‘Dalmeny Street Community Park‘ or better still come along to one of our meetings at Pilmeny Resource Centre 15 Buchanan Street, commencing 7pm every second Tuesday of the month.

Regular updates will follow. There will also be a BIG LUNCH event on the 1st of June, in conjunction with the Eden Project who are hosting gatherings across Scotland and the UK.