LCCC Jan 2019 meeting agenda

Meeting of Leith Central Community Council
Monday, 21 January 2019 at 7pm
McDonald Road Library, Nelson Hall

AGENDA (Full minutes will be ratified in Feb 2019)

1. Welcome
a. introductions
b. attendance, apologies
c. declarations of interest

2. Approval of Minutes of 19 November 2018 meeting

3. Matters Arising
a. from previous minutes and not included in agenda below

4. Community Police Officer’s Report
a. to note: update on recent relevant incidents, crimes and police activities in LCCC
area (November – December 2018)

5. Planning
a. Demolition and development @ 106-154 Leith Walk EH6 5DX (18/04349/CON and
i. to note: recent site visit by CEC Planning Committee
ii. to note: preparations for planning hearing and collaboration of Community
Councils, Save Leith Walk, and others
iii. to agree: LCCC delegation to the special Development Management
Subcommittee on 30 January 2019
b. to note: Planning systems – issues with the availability of planning documents
between 7 November and 19 December 2018
c. to note: 77 Flats without compliance with (prior to commencement) Condition 1 of
Permission 16/00427/FUL @ 26 – 28 West Bowling Green Street Edinburgh EH6
5PB (18/10326/FUL); applicant claims previous permission was unlawful
d. to note: incorrectly located mobile phone mast in Broughton Rd, near to Gretna
Memorial; developer’s proposal to move the mast 3.5m
e. to note: status of current planning applications January 2019

6. Transport & Clean Streets
a. Proposed tram extension to Newhaven
i. to note: update on meetings of Community Councils Together on Trams
(CCTT) with Tram Team
ii. to note: updated tram decision making and project timeline
iii. to note: open interdependent projects and issues around tram extension
b. to note: Leith Walk Phase 4 (completed Oct 2017) remedial works 10-01 to
c. to note: slow and problematic reinstatement of public realm at Shrub Place
d. to note: update from Susan Rae regarding progress of waste collection, litter issues
in LCCC area; proposed invitation for a presentation to LCCC by Andy Williams,
CEC Waste & Cleansing Service Manager

7. Parks & Green Spaces
a. to note: proposal to locate Lady Boys of Bangkok / La Clique Cabaret in Pilrig Park
from 29 July to 28 August 2019
b. to note: report from site visit to Millers development near Water of Leith Walkway
(closed between Anderson and Newhaven since 20 May 2015)
c. to note: Friends of Pilrig Park report
d. to note: update on other Friends groups
8. LCCC Office Bearers’ Reports
a. to note: Treasurer’s report
b. to note: update on Review of Community Council Scheme (closes 28 Jan 2019) and
coordinating meeting with neighbouring Community Councils
c. to agree: remit of the Clean Streets subcommittee
d. to note: other office bearers’ reports
e. to note: LCCC Communications Group’s report
f. to note: update on latest statistics for LCCC (Leith Walk ward) area and in particular
number of properties per hectare

9. Councillors’ reports, MSPs’ reports, MP’s report

10. Open Forum

11. Bulletin

12. AOCB