Improving Parking in the Leith Central Area Part II

Recently we started a petition to make Edinburgh Council aware that many people are not happy with the way parking is organised in our area, which to date has attracted 300 signatures.  The petition is open until 14 April 2018 and more information about our reasons for starting this petition can be found here.

We have, however, had some feedback from people who DON’T want to see any changes in the parking and they have commented that the petition doesn’t allow them to express their preference and they feel that that is unfair.

To be clear, the petition is not about asking for controlled parking to be introduced. Rather, it asks the Council to look at the parking issues that we have in the area. If there are enough signatures to the petition, then the Council will be obliged to do this. And once that process is set in motion, everyone will then have their chance to say whether they would be in favour of controlled parking, or not. 

LCCC and is aware that controlled parking may not be a definitive answer to the parking issues. As was said in our Leaflet: “in an area as densely populated as Leith, there is no system that can guarantee a parking space for every resident at or near their door.  However, there are ways which could improve car parking for residents, reduce congestion and pollution and manage access more safely and effectively.”
Here is also more information on parking controls should that be of interest:
if you wish to make further comments Leith Central Community Council also has a Facebook page and is on Twitter.