Save London Road Church campaign

LCCC unanimously supports Save London Rd Church campaign‘s aim of a community buy-out to provide amenities for the local area. Details of the campaign are on its Facebook page, but in brief, they aim to repurpose the building as a hub for the local community. Suggested uses include:

  • a meeting space
  • personal fitness (exercise classes, yoga, etc)
  • dance and sport
  • community groups (scouts, guides, brownies, knitting, cards, model railway, dolls houses
  • a home for local welfare services
  • community cinema
  • theatre, music
  • exhibiting art and crafts
  • an overnight shelter during some of the winter period for homeless people
  • a polling station for local elections

These activities all fall well within LCCC’s aims to represent and support its community, so LCCC is very happy to support this campaign.