Paolozzi sculptures

(following on from this post, and adapted from an email sent today by Cllr Marion Donaldson. Cllr Donaldson apologised for the delay in responding to our queries – she was waiting for feedback from CEC officers.)

The move of the three-piece Paolozzi sculpture is still at the proposal stage and no final decision has yet been taken.

Officers continue with consultation on the temporary relocation of the art work. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused. Further information follows.

Officials from which department are involved?

This is being discussed across various departments, including Transport, Economic Development, Culture and Parks and Greenspaces.


Officers have been speaking with members of the community about the prospect of placing the series along nearby Hillside Crescent. Discussions will also continue with others who have an interest in the sculptures, from the Paolozzi Foundation and the Cathedral, to Sir Tom Farmer who very generously donated them to the city 30 years ago.

At the start of July an open meeting was held with the Friends of Inspiring Hillside in Hillside Crescent Gardens. Ward councillors were also invited. Information has been posted in the Hillside Crescent Gardens and RNIB office noticeboards.

Has a decision been taken?

Officers have considered a number of options and made recommendations based on public consultation to date.

Rather than move the three-piece sculpture into storage, they are proposing to give it a temporary new home, helping to keep it safe during the redesign of the Picardy Place junction and provide greater access for the road workers.

A final decision will be made in consultation with the Transport and Culture & Communities conveners.

Is the move intended to be permanent or temporary?

At this moment this is temporary. As per Q2, consultation is ongoing with stakeholders, including Sir Tom Farmer and the Cathedral, with a view to agreeing on a permanent solution