Leith Walk works – Phase 4 imminent

Please note

  • the contractors have now commenced back on site, with the majority of their tasks this week being site set-up and stakeholder communication.
  • Following this, the plan is to commence works at Pilrig Street junction, with closure of Pilrig St from 9th January until early March.
  • This will allow to the project to move southwards in sections from Pilrig Street to McDonald Road.
  • CEC supervision arrangements of the site have been reviewed: CEC are in the process of increasing project management and supervision resources on the project to ensure the contractor’s performance and management of pedestrian traffic, barriers, fences and security.

Click the thumbnail to see the notification delivered to Pilrig Street residents.


1 thought on “Leith Walk works – Phase 4 imminent

  1. Richard Pontet

    Has any consideration been given to Spey Terrace/Street and Dryden Street traffic control as this route is likely to become a rat run to access Pilrig St from Leith Walk?

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