Open data Edinburgh map – planning in context!

Greener Leith’s open data map of Edinburgh is now online at

It brings several open datasets together in one place, including:

  • significant planned developments in the Leith Central Community Council area (including links to the relevant documents on the CEC planning portal)
  • the wider urban planning context (housing land audit completions and schedule, local development plan, protected areas, listed buildings, open spaces, vacant and derelict land)
  • local infrastructure (GPs, dentists, care homes, sheltered housing, schools catchment areas)
  • air pollution
  • local area statistics (population density, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, house prices)
  • administrative boundaries (including Community Councils, with links to their website and Facebook/Twitter accounts)
  • local news stories

The map has a companion website (My Leith, with additional information on:

  • how to engage in the local planning process (contact details of local Councillors/MPs/MSPs, guidance on responding to planning applications)
  • how to become more active in the community (list of local non-profit organisations, sources of funding).

Feedback and suggestions are very welcome: contact details are provided on the My Leith website.