Street-cleaning in Edinburgh: presentation to LCCC 2016_02_15

With thanks to Edinburgh Council staff for this presentation.

Find out how street-cleaning is zoned, staff and resources are allocated, trends in cleaning needs, and how the move to localities will affect street-cleaning in Edinburgh.

Click to download (PDF): Zero-Based Resourcing approachCCLversion

For slides 8-10,

  • The purple data are percentages of inspected streets rated B or above on Keep Scotland Beautiful’s scale which ranges from A – no rubbish or litter at all – to D – visibly and obviously heavily littered. KSB quarterly randomly pick a 10% sample of 50m street transects to inspect, and consider that a B rating is acceptable.
  •  The green data are arrived at by scoring inspection rankings as A=3, B=2, C=1 and D=0. The score for each neighbourhood is added together and compared to the maximum possible (i.e. every street scoring an A) to give a %age. Thus, if all streets scored B the CIMS score would be 67, which is KBS’ definition of acceptable. There are several issues with this way of measuring cleanliness, one of which is that it inflates scores in suburban areas which are most likely to score As, and deflates scores in areas of higher footfall such as Leith and the City Centre where As are much harder to come by.