Water of Leith walkway: small closure between Newhaven Road and Anderson Place

Enquiries by LCCC have established that the Newhaven Road to Anderson Place section of the Water of Leith Walkway was closed on 20th May 2015, following a routine inspection which found that the boundary wall between the Walkway and adjacent land is in an unstable condition.

Click the graphics to see full-sized location and diversion maps:

Location map Diversion map
Location Map Diversion Map

The works required include the removal of the metal railings to allow repairs to be made to the wall; once these are completed the railings will be reinstated. The repairs to the wall will be carried out by the landowner as the wall itself is not the responsibility of the City of Edinburgh Council.

However the railings were installed by the Council as part of the Millennium Project when the walkway was established in this location and therefore fall to Edinburgh Council’s Natural Heritage Service, Parks and Greenspace to manage and maintain.

Costs or how long the works will take will be known once tenders have been returned (due 27 November).