Kirkgate CCTV camera

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council. Link added by Bruce Ryan)

With regards to the item regarding the Kirkgate CCTV camera contained in the draft minutes (item 2.2.3) from your recent Leith Central CC meeting highlighted on social media. Just for clarity, the costs of removing and relocating the fibre connections that would be required are indeed expensive, however, following discussions with CCTV, their view was that the existing camera was, on balance, best left in its current location in front of the Kirkgate for operational reasons. This position allows it to cater for a number of uses such as the detection and prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour plus helping to assist in local traffic management; measures that can contribute to improving community safety and maintaining traffic and pedestrian flow at the busy junction. Its former location was on the pedestrian island at the Foot of the Walk, that allowed it similar views, but it was knocked over twice by vehicles when it was situated there.