LCCC’s digital engagement strategy

Recently, we have been experimenting with live-tweeting from our monthly meetings. This has not been entirely successful – the live-tweeting LCCC members have not been able to fully participate in meetings while addressing incoming comments and questions on Twitter. It has also raised expectations that incoming questions via Twitter can be handled immediately. While that would be ideal, we don’t have the resources for this.

So, for the moment, we will stop live-tweeting and instead we’re going to try using Twitter in a different way to involve our wider community in LCCC discussions. Here is our idea: we will publicise the agenda on our website and on Twitter as soon as it is available so people can have a look and comment on the things they are interested in or concerned about. When monthly meetings start we will tweet a reminder and encourage comments and questions and we’ll respond to everything as soon as we can. After the meeting, we will tweet about the discussions from the meeting and again ask for commentary from the wider public. Doing things this way gives us more time and space to be able to communicate via Twitter more fully than we can do live.

Draft minutes will be put on the website as soon as they have been written and checked by office-bearers – usually within a fortnight of the meeting. The website will auto-tweet such additions and questions and other feedback on these draft minutes will be welcome.

We will, as before, take enquiries via email, LCCC’s website, Twitter, postal mail or in-person* and we will answer questions as fully and and soon as the voluntary, part-time, unpaid nature of CCs allows. We will be open to all reasonable enquiries and constructive suggestions, but we won’t respond to comments we consider to be abusive or argumentative. We encourage anyone living in LCCC’s area to come to meetings or even join LCCC – fresh blood will be very welcome!

* Please see our contacts page at