Anti racist fundraising event: Out of the Blue, this Sunday

(adapted from a communication from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, forwarded to us on 6 March by Cllr Nick Gardner)

What: Comedy Against Racism: The Truth Hurts – a show by Aamer Rahman

When: Sunday March 8th, 7pm

Where: Out of the Blue drill hall, 36 Dalmeny StEdinburgh EH6 8RG

Cost: £6 waged / £3 unwaged / £10 solidarity price

The event is being organised by IHRC and SACC, and is sponsored by Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition, Unite Against Fascism (Edinburgh) and the Kashmir Solidarity Movement (Scotland). Our groups have varied aims, but we are united in opposition to islamophobia and racism.

Confirmed introductory speakers are Aamer Anwar (lawyer), Samena Dean (Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh), and Cllr Nick Gardner. Aamer Rahman‘s show lasts about 45 minutes.

A little background about SACC

SACC campaigns against UK terrorism legislation, which SACC believes has the effect of putting minority communities under suspicion and criminalising them, and is intrinsically racist. At present Muslim communities are overwhelmingly the target of these laws,  but other communities such as Tamils and Kurds – separately from the identity of many Kurds as Muslims – have also suffered.

SACC also campaigns against other legislation that has the effect of criminalising dissent. On occasion we campaign on other abuses linked to the war on terror (e.g. rendition, torture, Guantanamo Bay, Israeli human rights abuses in Palestine). And we sometimes campaign  on other civil liberties issues that overlap with our key concerns, e.g. stop and search, cctv. Formally, our aims are here:

SACC is an all-Scotland organisation but it started out in Leith in early 2003 as a group of activists from Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition who came together in response to the arrest of a number of Algerian men in Scotland – including Leith – in December 2002 on what turned out to be trumped-up charges (all charges were eventually dropped). Then, as now, SACC’s concerns were the injustice of the arrests, the widespread and intimidating police questioning of other innocent people that followed them, the injustice of the legislation under which the arrests occurred, the damaging media hype surrounding them and the racist incidents that occurred (in Leith and elsewhere) as result. In those early days SACC met at the now-defunct CWU offices/club in Brunswick St. SACC remains affiliated to Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition and work with them closely.

SACC is not aligned with any political party and has no collective view on independence. Of course, this doesn’t stop SACC supporters holding and expressing strong and varied views on these matters.

SACC is organising this event in collaboration with IHRC, who secured our booking of Aamer Rahman and are funding his travel from London to Edinburgh. SACC is covering all other costs. The organisations sponsoring the event are helping with publicity and providing other non-financial assistance. Proceeds (if any) after SACC costs have been met will be split equally between SACC and Aamer Rahman.

Aamer Rahman’s trip to the UK was initially crowd-funded (so he may still be needing whatever contribution we can make). Besides this event, he is performing in London at the Soho Theatre, and for IHRC on Sat 7th as part of their ‘Islamophobia awards’ event. As far as SACC knows at present, this event is his only booking outside London.

SACC also aims to keep the contributions from introductory speakers quite brief (3 to 5 mins).

Richard Haley
Chair, SACC

Since it now turns out that the SDL will be in Edinburgh on 14 March, we’ll be putting in a plug for the UAF counter-demo on that day as well as for the 21 March demo in Glasgow.