Invasion of Pilrig Park?

As reported in the February 2005 minutes, several non-domestic trees were recently planted in Pilrig Park. The  potential problem is that invasive non-native species can do a lot of damage. The management problem was that due to the approaching end of the planting season, the relevant Edinburgh Council department decided to plant without consultation.

Species planted
Species marked * are UK-native, according to the Woodland Trust website. Other origin information is from Wikipedia, and so is not guaranteed to be correct
Acer campestre ‘Arends’ field maple* UK
Betula pendula birch* UK
Calocedrus decurrens incense cedar northwest America
Carpinus betulus hornbeam* UK
Magnolia kobus magnolia with white flowers Japan
Metasequoia glyptostroboides dawn redwood China
Pinus nigra Australia black Australian pine (not found on Wikipedia)
Phellodendron amurense Chinese cork tree China