Traffic Regulation Orders: Bus lanes on Great Junction Street and North Junction Street

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council dated 20 Feb 2015, 13:44. The streets affected are not in LCCC’s area but changes to these streets’s circumstances may affect LCCC citizens.)

Objections can be submitted up to 13 March 2015.

Dear Sir / Madam



I refer to my previous letter of 26 January 2015 regarding ETRO/14/38B.

It has come to our attention that there was an error in the title and operating times stated in the previously advertised ETRO/14/38B which primarily relates to the bus lanes on Great Junction Street and North Junction Street. Therefore, it is necessary to re-advertise the proposal relating to these roads.

In accordance with the terms of the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 1999, I write to inform you that the City of Edinburgh Council proposes to advertise the Traffic Regulation Orders which will change the times of the bus lane operating hours to 7:30am to 9:30am and 4:00pm to 6:30pm, Mondays to Fridays inclusive and not the 4:00am as stated in Schedule 2, Article 5 of the previously advertised Order.

The bus lanes affected are indicated on the plans (2-page PDF) and the street notice (1-page PDF). Further information is available on the Council website or at

Should you wish to submit an objection to the proposal, please do so by 13 March 2015 quoting notice reference number ETRO/14/38B(i).

Yours faithfully

Sharon Lansdowne

Traffic Orders Administration Officer.

City Chambers, Room 10.19, Transport, Services for Communities, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ

Tel 0131 469 3290 or

3 thoughts on “Traffic Regulation Orders: Bus lanes on Great Junction Street and North Junction Street

  1. so do we all need to re-submit our comments? Would seem fair to me that comments that applied to the whole generality of the list of lanes ought to still apply to these lanes too, even allowing for the mistake in the TRO.

      • Just in from Edinburgh Council:
        There is no requirement for any objectors to resubmit their objections which were made between 26 January and 18 February 2015 relating to either ETRO/14/38A or ETRO/14/38B as a result of the re-advertisement of Great Junction Street & North Junction Street under reference ETRO/14/38B(i) on 20 February 2015.

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