Alex Wilson – RIP

Leith Central Community Council member Alex Wilson died from cancer last week.

LCCC wishes to express condolences to Alex’s family and his close friends. Alex became an elected member of LCCC in the 2013 Edinburgh CC elections, having previously served as Leith Business Association’s representative to LCCC. He brought his energy and wit to our proceedings ever since. Before that he had become a well kent face in the local community, widely appreciated for his ideas and desire to improve things locally. He chaired the Leith Business Association, played a crucial role in the reinstatement of a Lord Lyon sanctioned official Leith Flag and, latterly, became involved in the campaign to turn the Leith Custom House into a heritage centre.

LCCC members worked most closely with him on the long road to getting Edinburgh Council to fix the devastation wreaked on Leith Walk and Constitution Street when the tram works were abandoned so disastrously five years ago. He pursued this goal, along with many other campaigners, with passion and the dogged patience that this campaign seemed to require. While he saw the work completed in Constitution Street, it is perturbing to note that he died before Leith Walk has returned to any semblance of normality.