Brunswick Road development: Cala Homes illustrations

Thanks to Gavin Pope of Cala Homes for providing the complete board for this proposed development. It may be helpful to read it along with the forthcoming September meeting minutes.

Because it’s a large file (10MB, 3100mm by 1300mm), it may take a long time to download and render. Viewing it on a mobile device screen may also be challenging. So I’ve taken the liberty of breaking the file into smaller units. Any mistakes in this process are due to me (Bruce Ryan), not Leith Central CC or Cala Homes.

00 whole 01 streetscape and landscape
02 traffic and parking 03 plans
04 precedent 05 apartment layouts
06 elevations and section 07 site layout
08 Ariel view from west 09 EW from west end of Brunswick Road
10 view from junction between Brunswick Road and West Montgomery Place 11 view west from Brunswick Road
12 view from east end of Brunswick Road 13 aerial view from east

1 thought on “Brunswick Road development: Cala Homes illustrations

  1. Joseph Kerr

    Far superior to the original plans by Barrat Homes. A few retail units like cafe or shop would be even better.

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