Leith Walk repairs update (Stakeholder email 47: update [various])

The following is from Edinburgh Council, not Leith Central CC.

Dear Stakeholders

Carriageway resurfacing

As mentioned in the update of 30 June, the carriageway resurfacing on the current sections 5 (north of Pilrig Street) and 7 (around Springfield Street) is scheduled to start on Monday 7 July with section 5 planned to commence first. During the initial phases of the resurfacing, it is the contractor’s intention to carry out the work to section 5 while maintaining two way traffic. The use of temporary traffic lights will be required, however, during the final surface course layer. Section 7 will require traffic lights to be set up as the road at this location isn’t wide enough to accommodate our works and two way traffic.

In order to help maximise the lifespan of the road surface, it is necessary to resurface as large an area as possible without any breaks or joints, as these can become the road’s future weak points. With this in mind, sections of around 120 metres will be resurfaced at the one time in order to achieve this. Parking will have to be restricted in these sections where this resurfacing is taking place as there will not be available space. We will deal with deliveries on a case by case basis and seek to facilitate these where it is safe and practicable to do so. It is envisaged that the carriageway resurfacing will be the most disruptive element of the works and, timescale-wise, we will look to get current sections completed over a two-week period.

Partial Iona Street road closure

Due to the imminent road resurfacing, Iona Street will be subject to a temporary road closure and associated restrictions to waiting, loading and unloading between Buchanan Street and the junction of Leith Walk. Traffic will be temporarily diverted via Buchanan Street and Dalmeny Street. The Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) will be implemented from 6:00am on Monday 7 July until 7:00pm on Friday 11 July. Emergency vehicular access and pedestrian flow shall be maintained during this time.

Site transition management

We’ve had concerns expressed that worksites are not being fully completed before the contractor is moving on to the next worksite and then incorporating these areas as part of the new work sections. This will happen at times and we would like to clarify that it is to minimise time on site and minimise disruption. Works are planned as a rolling programme where the worksites ‘slide’ northwards. The size of the individual footway worksites will vary in size and will, in general, remain at around 60-80 metres in length; this flexibility will enable work to progress smoothly whilst reflecting natural break points along the street. We understand that many traders will be concerned about the potential impact of the works on customer parking; as we shift between worksites, we will do all we can to ensure we preserve as much parking space as possible for public use.

With these updates I am trying to provide as much useful information to you as possible. While understanding that works will likely cause you some disruption, it is hoped that by having this information it will help you prepare and manage any possible impact from the works. These updates are detailed and the nature of the works we are undertaking means that there will be occasions when plans have to change. I will update you as soon as I have significant change information. If, however, you feel these updates are too detailed, please do let me know.



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