Coomunity empowerment bill published

Headlines from the press-release (link below)

A new law will reform existing community right to buy and include measures to make it simpler for communities to take over public sector land and buildings.

The existing community right to buy will be streamlined and extended to cover all parts of Scotland, as part of plans to have one million acres into community ownership by 2020.

There is provision for communities to take over public sector land and buildings where they can show they can deliver greater public benefit with those assets.

Rules on Scotland’s local authority allotment sites will also be simplified strengthening the duty on councils to provide sites triggered by actual demand. The Bill will also protect allotment sites from closure.

The Local Government Minister also confirmed an increase in funding from the People and Communities Fund by £1.5 million to £9.4 million per year in 2015-16.


The following was sent by Scott Sayers | Community Empowerment Unit | 0131 244 0382

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill was published today and can be found on the Parliament’s website at You will also find the accompanying documents there; the Policy Memorandum, Explanatory Notes and Delegated Powers Memorandum:

The Analysis Report and Social Research findings on the responses to the second consultation have been published today and can be found via the following link: This link also directs you to all historical documents relating to the Bill.

Here is a link to today’s Scottish Government news release relating to the Bill:

The Scottish Community Development Centre has launched a new website for communities, funded by the Scottish Government, today.  The website aims to puts communities in the spotlight by connecting people and sharing ideas: