Edinburgh Roadworks Ahead Agreement 2014

With thanks to Cllr Nick Gardner for forwarding this and highlighting the key points…

From the summary:

This report outlines improvement proposals to assist Road Services with executing its powers under the Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 in managing, co-ordinating and effectively controlling road occupations, particularly by Public Utilities (PUs).

The proposal is to re-vitalise and re-launch the Edinburgh Roadworks Ahead Agreement (ERWAA) with greater emphasis on customer needs and remove aspects of the previous agreement that proved to be ineffective.

The report proposes a way forward in partnership with PUs to deliver improved performance.

Included in the agreement are new initiatives to address issues of frustration regarding roadworks that are reported to the Council by both pedestrians and road users. Examples of these initiatives include:

  • moving any temporary traffic lights when they are not required to allow two way traffic to flow, specifically at weekends where work has paused; and
  • placing additional information signs at sites that require to be vacated for a period of time.

Click the graphic to download the PDF:

ERWAA 2014