Leith Central CC draft minutes, 21 October 2013

Here are draft minutes from the meeting of 21 October: 2013_10_21 draft

Topics discussed include:

  • Election of office-bearers
  • Appointment of other representatives and subcommittees
  • Workstreams for 2013/14
    • Shrub Place and Shrubhill
    • Leith Walk programme
  • Community police officer report
    • antisocial behaviour in Leith Links, Kirkgate
    • action on poor road use
  • Leith decides
  • Leith Walk programme
  • Brunswick Road
  • Piccardy Place
  • Pilrig park
  • Co-options

1 thought on “Leith Central CC draft minutes, 21 October 2013

  1. LCCC minutes secretary

    The resident who mentioned the earth-moving operations in section 8·1 has emailed
    ‘Crummocks (who have been using the site since early 2012 and are awaiting outcome of application for planning permission) started to use a crusher on site on 9th september. I contacted planning (alan moonie) and an enforcement notice was issued a week later. There has been no activity on site for the last 4 weeks.’

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