Public Meeting: Moving Around Leith Forum Tonight 7pm

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The Moving Around Leith Forum:

If you know of some pavement in dire need of repair, potholes in your street or just have some ideas on  how Leithers might get around their neighbourhood better, your presence at the the Moving Around Leith Forum tonight 7pm at MacDonald Road Library would be much appreciated.  The Moving Around Leith Forum gives an opportunity for people in Leith to voice opinions on what they consider to be important roads and transport issues in the area.  The idea of the forum is to gather views from local residents and businesses and they hope to see as many local people there as possible

This is a useful event if you want to talk directly to council officers who want to take your opinion into account before deciding what improvements in the road networks are necessary.

NB. tonight’s meeting will NOT be about Leith Walk as the re-development of that much-dug-up through route is being monitored by a sub-committee of  the LCCC.

Constitution St

By the way, the above photograph shows Constitution Street, the only street in Leith and I suspect one of a few in the country with its own blog,  Please  take a look at it.