Photos for Leith Central Please!

Top of Leith Walk

Good Morning!

Just to let you know that we changed the look of the website.  This is because an annoying hyperlink kept crawling up the screen confusing and irritating folk reading the posts.

We hope you like the new theme ‘Misty Lake’, presumably depicting thick fog, hence the white background, clean and simple.   However, having only limited choice, the header photo is not very sharp, so we would really like people to send us a better one, one that shows Leith at its very best

So, if someone has a really good, high resolution photograph that is apt and is happy to let us use it, we would be delighted to have it as our banner.

Images should be at least 1015 pixels wide. Suggested width is 1015 pixels. Suggested height is 276 pixels.  Please email it to  If you don’t have the right size image, don’t worry, we can do the cropping for you.

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