News re concerns raised about the bridge at Dryden Terrace

Letter from PC3695A Simon Daley
Leith Safer Neighbourhood Team
0131 311 5933

Dear All,

As discussed at last Monday’s (15th October 2012) Community Council Meeting;

I visited the site this week and spoke to lorry drivers and the security man.

The driver of one of the dumper truck type lorries confirmed that the maximum gross weight of any vehicle entering the site is 32 tonnes.  The larger 55 tonne articulated lorry is the low loader used for delivering machinery or some of the 1.4 tonne pallets of stone etc.

The 55 tonner drivers are informed that they are not allowed to reverse onto the bridge and must offload on the roadway prior to the bridge.  They are too big to drive onto the site which has a sharp bend immediately through the gates.


The was no footpath segregated when I visited and today I spoke to the site manager at York Place who also has responsibility including Health and Safety for the Shrubhill site.

He is reinstating the pedestrian zone today and I have encouraged him to use more robust materials lest they end up thrown over the bridge onto the railway line as the last equipment was (and remains).

I’ll be back on duty from Monday next week and will keep an eye on the site.