A plan is in hand to start where the tram works stopped

LEITH’s fortunes could be in for a boost as new Chair of the Leith Business Association  (LBA) Alex Wilson brings his skills and energy to the role.

Having done his homework, the association now has a redrafted constitution, newly introduced membership fees and a much wider sweep across Leith than the original Leith Walk membership. This association now means business and is ready to get to work.

“Our current and most pressing challenges are the residual problems of the tram works,”  says Alex.  “Business has suffered badly and the lack of investment in, and care for this area now requires imaginative thinking as we work to put things right.  As we gain new members we will be able to tackle some of these problems and that’s what we intend to do.”

Having lived and worked as an interior designer in California for some years, local historian Alex kept in touch with news at home online.  On his return to Edinburgh he quickly became involved again in local community life.  He is also standing as an independent city council candidate in the May elections,  .

Alex’s new appointment as Chair of LBA has fitted in well with a two-year campaign he set in motion to recover Leith’s ancient and historic flag from the Lord Lyon, the official heraldry office for Scotland. . “Thanks to the support of many interested people, our campaign has been successful,” he says proudly, “A ceremony will take place in Leith Library very soon in which the flag will be handed over to the charge of Leith Neighbourhood Partnership.

“Historically Leith has a strong community identity,” says Alex.  “Regaining the flag will help Leith to regain that proud spirit and of course it will help to stimulate the success of local businesses. Leith has a great future ahead.  ”

The next meeting of the LBA will beheld on Wednesday May 9th, starting at 5.45 at the Persevere Room Kirkgate Community Centre.  If you would like to learn more about the work of the Leith Business Association, or to become a member, you can contact Alex at  wilsonamc3@aol.com