CCTT queries to April 2021

RefCategoriesCCTT query/issueTT responseStatus
0421.1constructionnumber of contractors’ staff (incl all sub-contractors) on site by day for last 30 days (or begining of the year)? % construction and investigative?The construction metrics are provided on the dashboard report provided in terms of key metrics of installed infrastructure. April & Cumulative person hours worked hereOpen
0421.2quality of life, traffic impactwhat are the commuting/parking arrangements for contractors’ site staff? how are these enforced?There are no specific arrangements in place.  Contractors park in site compounds/ main office where required.  We monitor contractor parking through our COCP audits that are carried out on a weekly basis and any non-conformance reported to the contractorsOpen – need to confirm against COCP 
0421.3making goodwhen will the temporary bike lane markings and the marks left by temporary bollards be removed and by whom?These will be removed as part of the public realm works/ footway finishing works in the areaOpen – add to close out action list 
0421.4design, quality of lifefurther detailed queries regarding ground borne noise and vibration along the whole route (see document)These queries have been referred to Atkins for a responseClosed – new action to be raised on airborne noise during operation of trams 
0421.5traffic impact, quality of lifeconcerns about the level of vibration caused by buses that have been diverted from Leith Walk and now go along London Road and Easter Road. especially at a new temporary bus stop in Leopold Place (see document)To be investigated internally within CEC and report back mid may.Open – awaiting response
0421.6designWhy are two protected trees (ID tags 0396 and 0395) missing from design drawings (5149899-ATK-ETE-DRGEN-00009, 5149899-ATK-ETE-DRG-EN-00010), especially in the context of the recent Screening Request 21/01227/SCR | EIA regarding the tree with ID tag 0395?instructed to the contractor to be retained.  Design is being updated on that basisClosed 
MARCH 2021
0321.1designmature trees by 129-131 Leith Walk (ID tags 0396 and 0395) missing from Atkins drawings; promises to retain these made by Darren Wraight: how did this happen and how will it be resolved and when?These trees were never promised to be retained, more an effort to retain them would be made.  We are currently looking into this as part of the detailed design to establish if the trees can be retainedClosed – repeat of 0421.6?
0321.2designdetailed features missing or incorrectly shown from underlying OS drawings used by Atkins for TRO (eg traffic island Pilrig Street by Leith Walk): since “OS does not use any third party data for product revision”, what procedures are in place to resurvey prior to publication for consultation?The baseline OS will not be resurveyedClosed
0321.3quality of lifereports of out of hours working (noise) at/near Stevedore Place: how are these investigated and resolved?There is a process in place within the project whereby the Council can approve out of hours working (e.g.  Saturday Afternoon or Sunday) this process is followed and communications issued.  The instance at Stevedore Place was an error on the contractor’s part and we have discussed this with the contractor to ensure processes are in place to avoid this happening again.Closed
0321.4quality of lifereport of damaged window at 125/1 Constitution Street caused by construction works: how is this being investigated and resolved?The loss adjuster is in contact with the resident saying the matter is being reviewed.Open – awaiting response
0321.5designwill highly skilled pavers (e.g. Portuguese master pavers) be used to reinstate pavements along the route (as was around Picardy Place, and, -n ow partially damaged – around Pilrig Church)?The contractor will be using its supply chain to deliver the works and if subcontractors are used these are put through an approval processClosed
0321.6impact on pedestrians, quality of lifecontinuing (see 0221.5) sorry saga of deteriorating basic services, contrary to promises by TT, CEC officials and politicians: lighting not working (since well before Christmas), ponding, nightly bin collection crew not able to complete route leading to overspill Meeting arranged with Street lighting to discuss plan for Leith Walk and surrounding streets.Closed – standing item on agenda
0321.7traffic impact, impact on pedestriansbike diversions on Leith Walk poorly implemented: why is it so difficult to get this rigtht first time?Lessons learned from first phase of these works and will make sure going forward TM is implemented correctly first time of asking.Closed
0321.8impact on pedestriansongoing (see 0221.7) scaffolding obstructing Leith Walk pavement without permit: who enforces the embargo?Reported to CEC and a fixed penalty notice to be issued, however CEC do not have powers to physically remove this even when erected without a permit.Closed
0321.9impact on pedestrians“landgrab” leaves space that could be used for routing pedestrians along desire lines sits unused (by Manderston): will this be better planned/designed where similar situations arise at other junction (e.g. when running lane is “flipped”)?This is something we can look at for future similar situations Closed
0321.10traffic impactwhat plans are there for the direction of car traffic when the running lane on Leith Walk is “flipped” to the west side? when will this happen? what are LB’s plans at that point? what happens to bikes?These plans are still being developed in detail, however it is anticipated that the running lane will remain in the same direction, more it will be moved to accommodate completion of works on the East side of Leith WalkOpen – awaiting response
0321.11designhow will communal bins on Leith Walk be secured (corralled)? what plans are there to learn from logistics hubs on side streets to manage communal and commercial waste?In terms of corralling partially this will be done with the Leith Tram kerbside design and we also plan to use the same system in Albert Street, there is more information on our webpage would need further clarification on the second question as the Council don’t offer a trade waste collection service.(  Open – awaiting response on commercial waste 
0221.4designlevels at installed tram track and frontages on west side of Leith Walk between Pilrig and Arthur appear to imply steep camber in some places: how is this going to be resolved?The levels align with our design levels.  The road and footway will be constructed and will be in compliance with the required design standards Open – add to close out action list 
0221.5impact on pedestrians, quality of lifesorry saga of basic services (which should not detriorate, as promised by TT, CEC officials and politicians) next to construction route continuing to suffer: icy pavements, lighting not working (since well befoe Christmas), ponding, nightly bin collection crew not able to complete route leading to ovrerspill, pavement parking not enforcedContact made with CEC around winter maintenance to advised of non-service of Leith Walk.SL have been advised of lighting issue and are currently working in the area. Due to Covid measures the team are only dealing with emergency repairs.Monthly meetings with waste ongoing, any problem areas can you report direct to RA, however received no complaints. NSL have a designated service on Leith Walk, and Police Scotland have been informed of non-compliance.Closed – standing item on agenda
0221.6impact on pedestrians, quality of lifecontractor’s vehicles coming off the work sites muddy surrounding streets (and pavements): what are the contractual arrangements? who at TT is in charge of enforcing them?The contractor is obligated to keep surrounding streets clean of construction mud/mess and this is cleaned using a road sweeper daily.  We continue to monitor with the contractor and highlight any areas needing addressed.  If there are any specific areas please let us knowClosed
0221.7impact on pedestriansscaffolding obstructing Leith Walk pavement: embargo?Has been reported to CEC permit team and scaffold does not have a permit. With CEC enforcement.Ongoing issues with permits/utility working within the area, can discuss further.Closed
0221.8traffic impactcontractor’s welfare container now moved to Pilrig parking/loading zone, reducing capacityThis is additional welfare to support our project COVID measures.  The welfare provision was put here and has not had an impact on availability of parking spaces at this time.  We will monitor this and should it need moved we can look into arranging thatClosed
0221.9impact on pedestriansdeteriorating Leith Walk running lane causes ponding and splashing of pedestriansThe running lane has been repaired last week following deterioration and the bad weather.  All issues at present now resolved.Closed
0121.1environmental impact, quality of lifeslow progress around ground borne noise/vibration issues at Leith Walk addressThe technical report is currently being finalised.Closed
0121.2sharing informationlate provision of drainage information (discussed in OCT, promised at NOV meeting, requested in DEC before Christmas, provided in JAN)This has been discussed at a number of meetings we did debate whether the information was useful to CCTT members given its technical nature. Information now issued.Closed
0121.3impact on pedestrians, quality of lifepoor signage and no advance warning for changes to pedestrian cross-tram work routesSignage on site is adequate and making minor amendments to pedestrian crossings to accommodate the works was always envisaged and given the nature of these minor changes does not require any notificationClosed
0121.4impact on pedestrians, quality of lifewhat was the total number of cross-tram works pedestrian crossings in FEB20, SEP20, now?The number of pedestrian crossings along the route remains unchanged and in line with the traffic management plans, although as noted above these may move from time to time to accommodate the worksClosed
0121.5impact on pedestrians, quality of lifethe CCTT/TT “concordat envisaged “no detriment to local services”; we see broken street lighting, insufficient resources for daily waste collection, drop kerbs filled with puddles and iceStreet lighting have been made aware and are monitoring the route (please note, side streets (which is the biggest complaint) still need to be reported through the normal channels i.e. CEC contact centre).Monthly meetings with waste, HT joined JE and RA last month and reported no major concerns and nothing was picked up on the site walk. Bins also moved following request from HT and a street swept.Closed – standing item on agenda
0121.6traffic impactconclusion to previous queries around future New Town diversions (modelling)We are awaiting any feedback from CCTT, the modelling report was provided, queries raised by CCTT of which were then responded to and we were advised further queries were to be raised. These have not been receivedOpen – awaiting a response
0121.7traffic impactwhat is the Spaces for People programme interface with TT at London Rd (and elsewhere)?TT attend any meetings that have work within the area, and copied in on all correspondence and proposed works that SfP are carrying out.Closed
0121.8environmental impactwe understand that, originally, all street-facing buildings along the tram line were to be surveyed but that surveys are now restricted to A-listed buildings only. Why this limitation?All street facing buildings along the route will have an external building condition survey carried out. The contractor has assessed building that are either listed or in close proximity to works that would necessitate an internal survey. Where this has been identified the internal surveys have been completed where access was grantedClosed
0121.9environmental impactwhat should homeowners do if they discover structural damage to their homes and believe the damage to be caused by work associated with the Trams to Newhaven project? To whom should they submit a claim for compensation?Residents should report the damage through our communication channels and we can take this through the required assessment process.Closed
0121.10sharing informationwe would like all noise & vibration data to be readily available for public scrutiny. We therefore request that the relevant contractor(s) publish the relevant raw data along with their own analyses and reports preferably on the project website.We would like to discuss this request at the meeting.Closed 
0121.11designwhy final approved design drawing has not been incorporated from application 20/04060/PA (withdrawn 10/11/20) into planning  20/03058/PA as approvedThis does not form part of the realms of the Prior Approval and so does not need to feature in the PA. We can confirm the final design is being constructed.Closed
0121.12environmental impact, quality of lifelitter/rubbish at Ocean Drive/Melrose DriveSuggest we discuss any specific issues at the meeting.Closed – standing item on agenda
1120.1traffic impactabsence of up-to date traffic modelling of diversions Open
1120.2quality of lifeweaknesses of other Council services (waste collections, street/gully cleaning, street lighting) impact on quality of life Closed – standing item on agenda
1120.3sharing informationfinal design surface drainage, success measures Closed
1120.4environmental impactearly morning noise in Constitution Street Closed
1120.5environmental impact, quality of lifeconclusion to vibration issues at lower Leith Walk Closed
1120.6sharing informationquality control: recruitment progress; sight of (examples of) detailed quality reports  Closed
1120.7sharing informationhandover process, snagging process Closed
1120.8sharing informationprinted hardcopy newsletter Closed