McDonald Road Fire Station: residents’ newsletter March 2020

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Residents letter Number 004

Dear Resident, 

We write to inform you of our recent progress on the above project. Works recommenced on the 02nd December 2019 constructing the new roof following the removal of the existing concrete roof which was found to be of poor quality. Highlights in this period are listed below – 

  • Installation of structural steelwork to support the roof 
  • Installation of structural timbers and decking to create the new roof 
  • Installation of waterproof membrane 
  • Bricklayers constructing new stair core walls 

Works due to commence are as follows. 

  • Progression of the roof coverings to completion 
  • Installation of new structural steelwork including projecting window pods 
  • Installation of structural framing system 

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me on the details below. 

We will issue a further update in July 2020. 

Please refer over for pictures of progress at McDonald Road Fire Station. 


Owen Cherrie
Senior Project Manager
Robertson Construction Central East Ltd