relocation of Paolozzi sculptures to Hillside Gardens

(adapted from an email from Cllr Marion Donaldson)

Due to the work at the St James Centre and the road realignment, the Paolozzi sculptures need a new home.

After  looking around in the area it was decided (by whom? – LCCC) that Hillside Gardens provides an ideal location to display them and so that they remain close to their original site and accessible to  the public.

Work had already started with the local friends group to improve the flower beds. This has proven to be very  timely, and the design has changed to incorporate the sculptures into the landscape.

At the start of  July, officers held an open meeting with local residents to discuss the planting and the sculptures.

Click the thumbnails to see the full-size PDFs.

planting plan: middle bed planting plan Hillside Crescent

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